Photographed by Cherlyn Hsin Liu

Photographed by Cherlyn Hsin Liu

Chu-Hsuan Chang

As a lighting designer, I try to make the image move. I pay attention to  the passage of time in addition to the space sculpted by light. 

My lighting is never a still image. I always focus on how the lighting changes. I want my lighting to flow with time, the way it works in real life.  For me, that's how the light should be on stage. A light in motion.

A lighting designer is like a bass guitar player in a band. Though we are very important, we never want to stand out. We play backup, and let the music flow.

MFA in Lighting Design from CalARTs. BFA in Directing from Nation Sun Yat San University in Taiwan. 


Select Collaborators

Lars Jan

Janie Geiser

Andrew Schneider

Becca Wolff

Asher Hartman

Takao Kawaguchi

Maria Hassabi